GoJack! Page is Done!

After uploading approximately 30 video clips of time spent training the donkeys AND adding titles and captions AND key wording, I think this page is done? In addition to the page of videos, I’ve added a short history about the donkey’s time spent with us over the last one and half years. Many didn’t think I should add the video clips; I was told they weren’t really “professional”. After thinking about this, I decided to upload them on their own page anyways. The reason… They ARE a big part of my life! And what folks may have forgotten, I HAVE published a photo book on their first year in living with us (available on Amazon and Kindle). After finessing the technology, I got it configured out. My published book is now linked to my donkey page titled “Go Jack”. Whew!

Below is also a link to my published photo journal of that first year in living with Jack and Jill. And what a year it was!

Jack and Jill… Lessons In Life



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