Hello To You!

Well, it is officially January… That long, cold, often gray month that I find the hardest to get through. It is definitely winter with 2-3″ of fresh snow last night. Yes, it is “pretty” but I miss the color of the other seasons. It is a good day to read a book but alas, donkey duties do need to be done! Last year, the donkeys didn’t care much for the snow. The refused to go out in the pasture unless they could see the ground i.e. where they were putting their feet. This year, both seem to be less worried about the snow which is a good thing. They are often meandering throughout the pasture looking for grass to eat or something new to explore. Jack is happy for the company when I go out to the barn. The cold doesn’t seem to bother him much; his coat is very thick and he radiates heat when touched! Playing with this photo I shot of him and I like it! But then again, he IS one of my most favorite models to shoot!



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