HAPPY NEW YEAR (and New Year’s Resolutions)

Happy 2017! A New Year filled with new beginnings! I’ve thought a lot about the New Year (and those pesky resolutions made late at night on 12/31!) I’ve decided to share a few of my personal “resolutions”!

  • Ditch the dye; Embrace the gray! This sounds “funny” even to me! What does it mean? I’ve been tied to hair appointments for so many years, I don’t even know “who” I am without those appointments! NOT GOOD! I can always go back and become whatever color I choose but for now, it’s time to embrace who I’ve become. Now, I’m just starting this process so not sure how it will turn out but there is an underlying feeling of confidence in facing who I’ve become rather then continuing in the same pattern on who I was. It is this same feeling I have when I’m out with my camera. Being able to capture nature in all its beauty with or without perceived flaws is something I strongly value. So many people I know try to hide from the camera but I’m here to tell you, you ARE beautiful just the way you are. Nature does not make mistakes!
  • Remembering to be “kind” to others. I think I AM a kind person but there is always room for improvement. It can be as simple as smiling more often at people I meet or when talking to others. It’s just so easy to get caught up in my own “first world problems” that I can forget that others are on their own journeys through life. While I can’t fix things for other people, spreading kindness may help others face their own struggles? It is what I appreciate most when others show kindness to me. My goal is to spread more kindness to all those I encounter. And when I look back either through memories or photographs at the end of the year, I hope I remember the good times and smiles. There can never be too much kindness!
  • Living in the moment! All too often I’m distracted from doing one thing because I’m thinking of the next thing that needs doing! If I can accept that not everything on my “do list” is going to get done (and be “okay” with that), then I can spend this moment enjoying whatever task I’m focused on. Sounds simple, huh? I invite you to try it for yourself! Inevitably I end up wondering “what to make for dinner?” or “don’t forget to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer” that I fail to enjoy the moment! When life is one task after the other, well, I define that as a rut! Time to actively work on getting out of those ruts! This is, no doubt, why I enjoy photography so much… When a moment is frozen in time through photography, there is no way to be distracted with do-lists. That moment in time is captured forever. These are the memories I want to remember; NOT what I cooked or ate for dinner the last 365 days! Photography gives us a chance to relish those singular moments in our daily lives.


  • Photography— Oh I could go on and on about this one! Suffice it to say I would like to shoot more of what I enjoy which is mainly animals. I LOVE capturing their expressions. I want to always shoot with “intention”. By intention, I mean with a purpose for an expected outcome. Anything less are just snapshots. Snapshots are great in their own way but I want “more”… More expression, more emotion, more of a “story” being told. That is a definite goal for 2017!


  • Which brings me to this web site. It took a while to get it up and running. LOTS of technology to master and then filling it in with content. I still have questions like “what is a META description?”. I suppose I will learn as I go? I do wish there was a “share” button for my blog (an obvious missing feature that bums me out). I also wished this site allowed me to directly answer comments in the guest book (so far, I don’t see where that is possible?) But for now, it does do a lot of the things I was looking for which was mainly a place to showcase my photos from my life and those of clients. Good and good! Off to a great start for the new year. Is it spring yet?



P.S. Jack feels the same way. This cold snap we are having needs to GO AWAY! The snow is fine but below zero temps? Baby, it’s cold outside!

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