What a week/weekend! Hubby and I had planned on “going up to the mountains” for a weekend getaway. Planned in advance, preparations were being made to leave home for a few days. Back when this tripped was planned, it seemed like a good idea! But then we got to thinking of the things around the house we wanted to do. You know… those things that are “fit in” around regular life. So many things kept getting added to this list and fewer and fewer “marked done”. Mutually decided, we skipped the weekend away to do the things we enjoy around our home.

And then came “Bella”. Bella is the name of the space I had hoped to move into at Walnut Creek; the artisan store I am at. To me, Bella meant an increase in space which increased my options to display more items. With its white washed picket fence walls and lattice ceiling, it truly is a beautiful space!

The first step was cleaning up the space a bit and moving over items from my previous display. Next we added lights to the lattice ceiling to give the space a warm glow. I brought a few new pieces to add to the space a voila! I was “moved in”.

I moved into this space aptly named “Bella”. I hope I do it justice with arrangements of upcycled furniture, home decor and original photography. 

Back home, much time was spent re-evaluating how I was doing my inventory. I looked into several programs that might make entering data a bit easier but none did exactly what I wanted. I re-vamped my current system to make it less unwieldy and I think it will work? I also wanted the ability to print my price tags instead of handwriting them. This is where the inventory and printing labels were not playing nice together. Hubby ordered a new printer that will allow me to have my price tags printed as I enter inventory so I’m hoping this will be a much better system?

The next thing is to think of future inventory? I have many pieces of up-cycled furniture that I need to fix and paint. Hubby and I spent many hours “playing with paint” to give these new pieces a new life. One piece made of recycled barnwood was given a new life with buttercream colored paint while leaving the weathered barnwood red painted interior and new hardware. The new hardware didn’t match the weathered look so it was soaked in vinegar to give it the rustic, aged look we were looking for. I finished the top with a poly coat to protect the surface. New glass needs to be added to the doors and it will be ready to move into “Bella”.

Other pieces were also painted. One of my recent “finds” was an old, weathered window that looks like it was once used as a door? The old, chipped paint was brushed off and new hardware attached. Since it had mullions in the former window, we preserved those and filled the space with hardware cloth. Then, the mullions were re-attached. On the back side, we covered a cardboard back with a pretty fabric now creating a panel to attach smaller items to display. My vision is that this door/window will give depth to Bella and be an inviting “opening” for people to take a closer look. With the added hooks and knobs, many other items can be displayed on this window.

Meanwhile, I sent an order to a new printing company. The learning curve on how to use their templates was steep but after re-doing my upload several times, I am hopeful my end product will be worth it? I printed greeting cards with our state flower, the Columbine, in all of its glory. Next, I hope to print notepads or other items I know I use every day.

Colorado’s state flower, the columine profusely blooming in nature. 
Columbine photos sent to be printed into greeting cards. 

In between all the “plotting and planning” for future Bella displays, time was spent with the doggies. And in the garden. Wow, you miss a few days looking at the garden and I hardly recognized the area! Our beans have given us a bumper crop so everyone spent time picking those beans and later blanching/freezing them for winter use. I LOVE fresh frozen green beans! The tomatoes have ripened and the cucumbers have exploded too. Fresh cucumber, tomatoe, onion salad is another summer favorite!


Taking time from doing errands to make a pit stop for a Puppucino for Pixel. She thoroughly enjoyed it! 
Fresh green beans from the garden complimenting our celebration dinner. 

And then there are the donkeys. Jill has recovered from her bout of laminitis and is walking without pain now… Good! Both are on “diets” as I was told they were getting a bit “pudgy”. They are not happy about this at all! I’m thrilled that I can fly spray both but especially Jack. I so wish he would make the association that fly spray prevents being bit and pestered by the nasty flies this time of year! Instead, he has made the association that when I halter him, he will get fly sprayed which he detests. So in typical Jack fashion, he has decided that he will not let me halter him! It’s a game with him to walk away when I try to get his halter on him. So… It is back to the drawing game board to help him make the association that by allowing me to halter him, good things will happen; not just being fly sprayed.

This “game” is probably my fault for trying to get him fly sprayed without “playing” more with him? So now, I will go out to halter him and just play with him. Going back to the basics never hurts. I practiced “yielding” both from the front and the rear. Ironically, he side-steps (yielding both front and rear at the same time) better then he yields from the front? So front yields are what we will do. The other “sensitive” area is touching his poll (the top of his head) when he is haltered. Again, I’ve done this with fly spray on my hands to coat his poll and ears. I have no problem touching his poll and/or ears when he is NOT haltered! Jack is just too smart! So without fly spray on my hands, I will touch his poll and ears when he is haltered to break the association that being touched in these places is an unpleasant thing for him.

Do I miss not “getting away” for the weekend? Not really. Having time to spend with the donkeys is time always well spent. And working on Bella… I’m so excited for what the future may hold. And by chance (lucky me!), while picking up fabric for my window door, I “found” the most unique dresser! Okay, it is going to need some work to repair the obvious water damage it endured but restoring it to its former glory… another project I can’t wait to start! I wonder what color I should paint it?

What a great find! I can’t wait to start working with this piece!

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