A New Addition…

I must be crazy? I really wasn’t looking to add any new additions. But I now own a 6 month old African Grey parrot!


I currently own a Blue Front Amazon named “Maybelline”. Maybelline is 31 years old; I’ve had her for the past eleven years. For the past few years, Maybelline has received much attention from me and my family but she has not had a bird companion for quite some time. I used to own other Parrots but through circumstances, it has been just Maybelline now for these past few years.


Maybelline is well cared for. She eats fresh food as well as high quality pellets. She gets showers often and I frequently have her “out of cage” just hanging out with me. Maybelline is the sweetest bird ever… to me! She has a fairly strong dislike of men even though my husband feeds her every morning. She has quit lunging at him but she makes it clear, he is NOT her “favorite person”!

Maybelline has several toys in her cage to entertain her. She most enjoys small wood toys she can chew and rip apart. Recently, we’ve been buying her new toys to entertain her. And this is when I saw this young African Grey parrot baby in need of a forever home!

We don’t have a name for the parrot yet. He was hand-reared but then missed out on human interatction. Consequently, this young bird is very fearful. Maybe it was this reason that pulled on my heart to be the one to give him a good home?


So… we now have “Kazoo” (a potential name for this bird). I thought of naming him something regal like “Merlin” or “Sherlock” but even though these birds are known to be incredibly smart, those names seemed so pretentious to me. Any name ideas are more then welcomed!

Our drive home went fairly well. Kazoo’s cage has many more toys then the cage he came from. He explored a bit which is a good sign. I was afraid he would be overwhelmed by all the new changes? Of course I was anxious to see him eat and drink. By evening, he did venture to his food bowl and eat the seed mix I was given and was previously a staple in his diet. This morning, he received a warmed fresh veggie mix but I haven’t seen him eat this yet. I did see him drink water so again, that is a good sign.

I also received some of the hand-feeding formula he was fed when weaned. I made some of this and tried to hand-feed him a bit last night without success. This morning, he did take some of the formula from my spoon. Definitely a step in the right direction!


Today, he will spend more time getting used to his cage and the sights and sounds of our home. I know it will take for him to gain our trust. It will take patience and kindness for him to realize our hands are not going to hurt him. And Maybelline… She enjoyed the hand-feeding also. She is curious about the new addition. I’m hopeful both birds will come to enjoy each other’s company? In the meantime, I have a new baby! Welcome to your new home, sweet boy!

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