It’s the Most… Time of the Year!

Yes, it can be the most WONDERFUL time of the year but it can also be the most (insert a variety of emotions here) time of the year. Stress is a biggie for many people. Stress to make the holidays “perfect”; finding that “perfect” gift for loved ones; traveling… the list goes on and on!

It all starts innocently enough. The first frost signifies Autumn as the leaves change colors and the temps fluctuate from being quite chilly in the mornings and evenings with beautiful sunny, warm days. It is the start of “pumpkin spice everything”!

Then comes Daylight Savings Time. For those that are included in this, we all turn our clocks back one hour so while the days become shorter on their own, we also lose an hour of light with this custom. More routine changes that we all need to adjust… Something as simple as feeding the dogs now comes an hour earlier. And for barn animals, I can tell you it is much more pleasant to feed/muck/spend time with the animals in daylight! Heading to the barn for evening chores gets turned up to ~4:00 pm if I want to do chores in the daylight!

Before you know it, we have our first snow fall. It doesn’t last long usually melting by the next day but it is time to find winter boots, hats, and gloves! I should have noticed Jack and Jill growing their winter coats? Petting them now finds deep, thick coats that will keep them warm as the temperatures drop. When did this happen? Jack’s svelte body has now turned into a wooly beast that emanates heat when I weave my hand deep into that thick coat.


And today is the start of Thanksgiving week… OH MY! I need to buy a turkey and start making pies. Where is my recipe for my all-time favorite dressing? And cranberries… I love cranberry anything!

It’s going to be a quiet Thanksgiving at my house this year. With just the three of us, I’m debating on making the usual big turkey dinner? I suggested we do something different this year. I suggest we three take a drive up the mountains to fly my drone. We can take the dogs with us and let them really run; it would be great exercise for all of us! Sure we would miss the football games televised on Thanksgiving Day but with all the politics surrounding football, maybe that wouldn’t be a bad thing?


Now, I’m not a big “Black Friday” shopper but with being involved in retail as a vendor in my artisan store, I KNOW it is a big thing for some! I remember last year!! So I need to prepare and have my space “ready”. Yesterday I removed anything related to Thanksgiving, Fall, turkeys, or pumpkins. Christmas carols play and the other spaces look quite jolly. I so appreciate hubby’s help in taking down my fall leaf garland and putting up greenery in its place. From this greenery, I’ve hung sparkle snowflakes. I’ve decorated a small tree with individually priced ornaments that are for sale. I need to finish my work at home and make another trip adding the many more items I have to fit into my space. I feel the clock ticking!


And so I start the “holiday season”. It IS the most wonderful time of the year. Shoppers (and vendors) hustling and bustling all in a hurry to where they need to be. And I take a moment from the rush to stop and remember the reason for the season and feel so blessed to be with my family. Yes, today I’ll continue to work on my items I need to get into the store but I’ll also stop and spend time with those near and dear to my heart. My focus this year (I keep telling myself) is to be grateful for my many blessings and know whatever the future holds, I have my family to help me get through both the happy times and perhaps the less-then-happy times? This is the memory I want to hold on when I look back on this year’s “holiday season”!

Silver & Gold.jpg

P.S. We, hubby and I, accomplished much yesterday! We got many new items set up in my space, got some shopping done, and enjoyed a wonderful dinner prepared by my dear son. While at one of the stores yesterday while standing in an excruciating long check-out line, the young boy ahead of me was glancing around nervously? I made some comment about how many Christmas items were already available for sale and he smiled. As he was called up to check out, it turned out he didn’t have enough money to purchase the three DVD’s he was buying. As he flipped through the three trying to decide which one he wouldn’t be able to purchase, I told the cashier I would make up the difference so he could buy the three he picked out. The amount was around $8; not that big of a thing to me. But for this boy, it was huge. He smiled and thanked me then rushed out the door embarrassed, no doubt? I told the cashier that maybe he would do something kind like this when had the chance when he was older? She just smiled at me. THIS is the meaning of the season to me! Kindness to others is how I want to remember this season. This day was the start of my memories for this holiday season!


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