Rough Day

So the doctors want me off my NSAIDs a week before the surgery due to them possibly contributing to bleeding problems in surgery. Being the compliant patient that I am (and that I want to avoid any possible complications), I stopped the NSAIDs cold turkey. Honestly, I didn’t really think they were doing much good that is, until I stopped taking them!

I quit taking my twice/day pill on Thursday. By Friday night, I was “twitchy”. I just couldn’t get comfortable. We went out to see the new Star Wars movie and all I could do was fidget in my seat. I didn’t think the movie was terrible; it was Star Wars after all but if you are as old as I am and saw the very first Star Wars movies in the theater some 30+ years ago, it did feel somewhat like deja vu! Only with a younger cast of course.

Let’s see… Rey resembles the young Luke Skywalker who had undeveloped Jedi powers. Finn is the “new” Hans Solo (although he is NOT Harrison Ford!) Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) turns to the dark side much like Darth Vader did; both had doubts about the side they took. And Princess Leia… She never exhibited much Jedi power until now where she was able to project herself back into the ship using “the force”. Same introductory and music only now you can use that kind of introductory in any iMovie home video! It’s lost its “wow” factor.

Coming home from the theater, I had a headache like no other! Not my typical migraine which I get so infrequently, I was actually nauseous! Went to bed only to wake up to that pounding headache on Saturday morning! I ended up doing the pain management dance taking this and taking that trying to get relief. It was, to sum it up, a VERY BAD DAY!


Sunday and my adrenalin was pumping! I knew I had to get my space at the artisan store set up. Items priced and inventoried were loaded up along with newly printed, matted and bagged photos ready to be displayed. The cute ladder with hanging baskets would be perfect to display the photos only… the paint had not dried! It was still tacky in spots so there I stood with a blow dryer trying to get the thing dried all the while wondering if I should have left it the original color? Too late now…


Setting up the display was a huge weight off my shoulders. Retail is generally fairly slow in January but even when my things sell, there are plenty of other things to “move around” to fill up any blank spaces. I know this will be done in my absence. Even into the evening, I felt pretty good.


And then it’s Monday and the start of another day of pain management. Short-acting or long-acting? Maybe just Tylenol? I need to pack for the hospital yet; I need to leave a “do list” to remind my caretaker to not forget any of the critters I’m leaving behind. I haven’t even “re-decorated” the house after Christmas yet (and all those Christmas boxes are still sitting in the garage waiting to be stowed away until next year!) I’m just NOT READY!


Someone calls from a doctor’s office. She leaves a sing-song message of what doctor she is calling for and a number. Am I supposed to call her back? Is that why she left the number? Why didn’t she say to call her back? I called her back. When I asked her what she wanted, I was told she can’t leave that important information over the phone… You mean you can’t leave in your message that you would like me to call you back? OMG! The reason for the call… It is that time to schedule my yearly visit. Oh! TOP SECRET MESSAGE??!! Hey, I’ll get back with you! I’m not scheduling anything right now!

I have one more day to get through before “the big day”! I wonder if I’m going to feel as crappy tomorrow as I did today? And if I should do anything different? You would think I would have made it out to the barn to see the donks today? Nope! Ran out of time! Or maybe get outside and run the dogs a bit? Nope! They were on auto-pilot today. I did get to spend some time with Kazoo, the young African Grey parrot. I coo’d to him telling him I would be gone several days but I WAS coming back! And this reminds me… I should try to get him into the shower tomorrow, even though he does not like it…yet! The moisture would be good for him and his feathers. Coming from the tropics of his ancestors, the steamy shower SHOULD BE in his genes! Right now, it is another scarey thing for him to overcome.


Well, some things were done and some things weren’t. I have one more day to get “ready”. I really hope tomorrow is a “good day”. Praying the pain is at least manageable… and for sunshine!




7 comments on “Rough Day

  1. I’ve got to check out the rest of your blogs, websites, etc. I’m leaving a link in my inbox which will hopefully get my attention and remind me as soon as I have a bit of time. Best wishes again for a smooth procedure and fast healing!

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    • THANK YOU! This surgery is a “re-do” from Nov. 2016; my spine didn’t heal then but they had me wait all year in pain hoping it might heal “enough”?! And now… the level below has crumbled from having the extra pressure. Honestly, it is like being a magician’s assistant that is cut in half only… I was really cut in half!

      All of this is from “simple” arthritis. I have it in my hands, knees, hips… It is the gift that keeps on giving, sigh! In the spine, it is called “degenerative disc disease”. I’m only 54 years old; NOT what I expected at this age at all! But like my blog “about me” says… always moving forward focusing on the future… and brighter days ahead!


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