Spring… And Then NOT!

Yesterday we had near 70 degree temps. Just a great day to get out to enjoy the weather and soak up that vitamin D! Feeling extra productive, I started refinishing a table and chair set I have that I felt could use more color! Now I usually have “help” when I paint; hubby will do a lot of the prep work and I always ask him to double-check that my brushes are “really” clean. But today, I was flying solo!

Before Painting…

There is nothing wrong with the table and chair set I have. It is finished in a matte black; it would match anything. But I want COLOR! So, thinking of primary colors here, I am painting the chairs in a red gloss; I will paint the table a blue gloss; and then I will add yellow cushions and throw pillows.


The Β “After” shot! I still have the other chair left to paint…

Running out of paint, I ran up to Lowe’s to buy more red for the other chair and blue for the table. And while there, I picked up a new bird feeder and a bag of seed mix for the birds. I love watching the variety of wild birds we get at our feeders and, who knows… they might become my next photography subjects?

Waking up this morning excited to work on this little project and… It is snowing out! And windy! No painting to be done today, sigh. This leaves me contemplating about what other useful projects I can start (or finish)? Hmm… Not sure yet but regardless of the weather, I’m going to make it a great day! Spring will come eventually; I know I just need to be patient.

Regardless of where you are, I hope you are having great weather and are feeling productive also? And if you aren’t, be patient. Dark clouds and/or bad weather never last for long. Some day in the not too distant future, I will probably be wishing for bad weather probably when I need to go mow the grass or do yard work? Thinking about that, I think I might just go read a book and enjoy this “slow” day!

XOXO ~ Jennifer

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One comment on “Spring… And Then NOT!

  1. Yes, Jennifer, spring will come eventually! I’m glad you’re still determined to make it a great day, regardless of the weather. πŸ™‚ I like your idea of adding color to your outdoor furniture. πŸ™‚ Love and hugs to you!

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