Blooming Iris

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.”
–Β  Lady Bird Johnson, Public Roads: Where Flowers Bloom



To be able to be out shooting all of my blooming flowers… Such a gift! I hope this brings a smile to you today; I hope you have a wonderful day!!

XOXO ~ Jennifer


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4 comments on “Blooming Iris

    • Aww… THANKS, Trudy!! ❀ I'm taking charge of my life; I really HOPE it makes a difference? I am now seeing a PMR doctor; I am having acupuncture done today (never had it done before). She is also setting me up with PT (not necessarily for "exercises" but to help break up scar tissue that has decreased my mobility). And she is setting me up to get a new orthotic made to again help with mobility. I'm also seeing a counselor to talk about "life changes" to see if there is anything she can add to promote healing and to "get my life back"! It feels good to "have a plan" and to actually be able to DO something! AND… I'm doing a LOT of praying! One step at a time and "focusing on the future"… I am determined to have my life back again! ❀

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